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Mastering isn't just making things loud but it's mainly understanding the artist's visions and tailor them in the best possible way for any kind of format, either analog, digital or for streaming platforms.
Since 2019 I've established myself as mastering engineer at Blackhead Studios in Berlin Germany where the highest standards of room in room acoustic, AD/DA conversion, monitoring and the best cutting edge mastering equipment meet each other.


The mastering process starts right off with a consultation either via phone or email about your projects to specify the amount of songs you'd like to send me, in which format you're going to release your music but most importantly about your mixes and their sounding.
Send me your premasters in 24 Bit/44.1 KHz or higher resolution and/or sample rate to begin with. Your masters will be than delivered within 1-3 working days.
For vinyl masters I can also provide an extra digital master file for your promotion with an additional charge, also if you wish to have your music recorded on tape an additional charge will be applied. 


- analog mastering : 50€ per title

- stem mastering : 149€ per title up to 16 stereo stems

- tape mastering : up on request

- cassette mastering : up on request

Please note that indie prices for distributions, labels, albums or a larger amount of songs are negotiable, so please just send me an email to discuss your request.

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