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When it comes to mixing I like to use a hybrid approach of digital and analogue summing. In order to get the best clarity, width and depth I rely to a wonderful "Dangerous Music" conversion and summing mixer which allows me to combine analogue and digital in a brilliant way. I believe this makes recalling much easier and still maintaining that extra headroom that wouldn't be just possible in your DAW.

Mixing is a very important part in productions which needs to be handle professionally with much care for the right balance, the character of the song and great details. If you like to chat about  your music don't be afraid to do so and get in touch with me.


- strereo mix : 199€ per title up to 16 stereo stems

- full strereo mix : 249€ per title 

Please note that indie prices for distributions, labels, albums or a larger amount of songs are negotiable, so please just send me an email to discuss your request.

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